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 Learning to Play,  

 Playing to Learn  

We're launching an exciting new website in January 2020. Until then, please use this Landing Page for Student Registrations and to access our services.


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When it comes to helping children explore, embrace and develop their theatrical and musical talents, Imperial Artistry leads the way. Piano, trumpet, flute and guitar as well as acting and singing are our areas of expertise. In each case, the lesson structure is designed to strike a balance between practice and theory and the content tailored to meet each students individual needs.

Located in Surry Hills/Redfern means students have easy access to public transport – trains, buses and the recently started tramway network.

As well as the founder, another 12 highly trained and experiences professionals make up the teaching staff and the School employs modern teaching methods; proven to deliver results.

By combining private lessons with group work, students gain the mastery of their instrument, develop important social skills and learn the importance of artistic collaboration.



50 Baptist Street
Redfern, SYDNEY 2016​​


TEL: 02 9690 2832



Monday-Friday 7:00am to 7:00pm

Saturday           9:00am to 2:00pm


“It's not just a school were kids are taught how to sing, play an instrument or act and then go home. It's a community made up of parents, children and teachers who come together and learn from each other.”

- CALEB ALLOWAY  (Founder & Creative Director)