Established in 2016, Imperial Artistry is the brainchild of Caleb Alloway. An accomplished actor and musician, Caleb is best known to Australians as Will Zannis from the Channel 7 hit series, Home & Away.

Before appearing on stage and on our television screens, Caleb graduating with an Associate Diploma in Music (piano and grade 5 trumpet). Certified by the Australian Music Examination Board (AMusA and CMusA), Caleb is a true master of the piano. Born with a love for everything musical he's also qualified to teach the guitar and the flute.

It was a break between acting jobs that prompted him to start teaching music. Doing so, allowed him to combine his great love of music with his passion for mentoring artistic talent.

What began as a stop-gap is now one of Sydney's fastest growing progressive music schools. With over 120 weekly students and 12 professional teachers, Imperial Artistry offers courses for the piano, guitar, flute and trumpet as well music theory, singing and acting.

The school caters for kids aged 4 to 17 - beginners, intermediate and advanced. By combining private lessons with group work, students gain the mastery of their instrument, develop important social skills and learn the importance of artistic collaboration.

The School recently expanded to offer Adult Classes and following the Covid-19 pandemic is set to launch 3 new learning platforms - Imperial Artistry TV, Radio, and Online..... READ MORE 

The First Note


While music is a social art form, the artistry comes from understanding an instrument and the ability to use it to connect with others.​ It's an outcome achieved with the right balance between theory and practice and this needs to be tailored to each individuals capabilities and needs.

There is music in every child and our role is to seek it out and nurture it.

Teach In Harmony


A close relationship with local Primary and Secondary Schools has seen a steady increase in the number of students enrolled in Imperial Artistry's After School Care Program - rather than return to an empty home, children are collected from their School by Imperial Artistry and attend supervised music lessons until their parents finish work. 

The Future Sounds Good


Learning music helps children develop the ability to measure performance and recognise improvement. Progress translates to a sense of achievement which in turn builds confidence. With lessons arranged according to formal school events (i.e. bands and theatre productions), students can apply what they learn immediately.

Caleb Alloway 

Founder’s Notes 


​While we might appear to be a young Company, we’ve actually been around for just over a decade. In that time, we’ve become one of Sydney’s’ fastest growing Schools that's dedicated to the performing arts.

Piano, trumpet, flute, and guitar have been our signature instruments from the beginning to which we’ve added singing, song writing and acting.

Like many Schools our method of teaching can be described as pragmatic, but what truly sets us apart is the fact that each one of our learning programs has been tailored to meet the needs of each individual student. That’s because we firmly believe that everyone is different – we each have our own aptitude and our own way of learning.

Although a 'one size fits all' approach would require less effort and be much easier manage, it would never deliver the outcome we do. We offer a blend of private lessons, and group work that teaches students to focus and provides them with very tangible methods of keeping track of their own performance.

Learning music is a great way to gain a sense of achievement, build relationships with peers, and so: build confidence! If this resonates with you, then we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your musical ambitions or those of your children.

Call, email or just drop in. We’d love to show you around our exciting new space at 54 Flinders Street in Darlinghurst.

I hope to see you soon.


“It's not just a school where kids are taught how to sing, play an instrument or act and then go home. It's a community made up of parents, children and teachers who come together and learn from each other.” CALEB ALLOWAY

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Membership to Club IA will be exclusive to current students, their parents, teachers, staff, and selected contributors to the School. Members will have access to private pages including a Members Only Resource Library plus they'll be first to receive important updates and special offers. Members will also be able to send each other messages and post material to share.

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Tel: 02 8592 9041



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