Located in the Sydney suburb of Redfern, Imperial Artistry was established in 2016. It was the brainchild of its founder, Caleb Alloway; best known to Australian audiences for his stage, TV and film performances. A qualified musician, Caleb is a master of the piano, trumpet, flute and guitar; he holds a bachelor’s degree in music; is an experienced actor and a certified music teacher.


The School’s purpose is to create an environment that nurtures and inspires artistic talent. Before the Coronavirus pandemic, Imperial Artistry was just like other schools with students attending the school premises for face to face lessons. However, the need for social distancing required a complete rethink and to have any possible hope of surviving, this had to change. With input from leading experts, the School has responded to the challenge by introducing 3 new learning and artistic platforms. By combining online self-paced learning modules with radio and live streaming, Imperial Artistry has set a new industry standard with an approach that will deliver equal if not better outcomes than face to face. 


Imperial Artistry ONLINE

  • Priced by Module with saving offered for complete Course

  • Course per instrument and separated by Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced

  • Available 24/7 and on-demand

  • Self-paced learning modules

  • Content combines written material with images and instructional videos

  • Includes printable Fact Sheets and learning exercises

  • Online test/quiz acts as a gateway between the Modules that make up a Course





Imperial Artistry RADIO (free to air)








Imperial Artistry TV

  • Free for paid students

  • Real-time connection

  • Hosted webinars & events

  • Moderated discussion and performances

  • With local and international guest presenters

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