Caleb Alloway is the Founder of Imperial Artistry
 Caleb Alloway 
Caleb Alloway is best knkown for his TV and movie roles
Caleb Alloway is best knkown for his TV and movie roles

Caleb Alloway

Founder and Creative Director of Imperial Artistry, Caleb Alloway was born on January 9, in 1986 and grew up in Ipswich; a large town near the City of Brisbane in Queensland. With 11 brothers and sisters, getting attention required a good deal of effort so it’s hardly surprising he found himself drawn to the stage and a career in acting.

Children born into large families often face many restrictions, as it was for Caleb. But he was allowed one indulgence, and Caleb chose the piano.

Music was his solace and playing the piano sparked a passion for music and theatre that was hard to contain. He went on to achieve his AMusA and CMusA in Piano and Grade 5 in Trumpet. As if that wasn’t enough, he also taught himself the Flute and Guitar while at university completing a bachelor’s degree in music.

But Caleb is probably best known to Australians as an actor, not as a musician. His stage credits include the History Boys (Sydney Opera House), the Paris Letter (Darlinghurst Theatre Company) and Tony Kushner’s Angels in America (staged in Melbourne by Lukey Productions).

On television he played Will Zannis on Channel 7's ‘Home and Away’, appeared in 2 seasons of Channel 9's hit kids program the ‘Imagination Train’ and in the highly acclaimed ABC courtroom television drama – ‘Janet King’.

Caleb has also starred in several Australian and American films making his debut performance alongside Rachael Griffiths and Daniel Macpherson in the Sci-Fi film the ‘Osiris Child: Volume 1’.

But it was the need to earn an income and keep busy between acting jobs that was the catalyst to his decision to start his own acting and music school. News he was teaching kids to play piano spread quickly and before he knew it, Caleb found himself swamped by parents and a growing waiting list.

Starting Imperial Artistry has allowed him to combine his passion for music and acting with his natural affinity for children. Well-educated and highly qualified, Caleb is a practiced and proven professional with the unique ability to turn potential into reality.

Originally located in Redfern, Imperial Artistry recently moved to new premises in Darlinghurst. The School is attended by more than 120 students each week and employs a team of 12 industry professionals. Innovative and progressive in his approach, Caleb is admired and respected by students, teachers and parents alike.

When asked why he teaches, Caleb replied “I know just how important it is for an artistic child to have a mentor who inspires and nurtures them.”