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Instrument hire has always been part of Caleb Alloway's vision for the School.  But it's only now that the School has relocated to bigger premises in Darlinghurst, that this has become possible. His goal is provide the very best for concert/recording performances be it for 1 day, 1 night or for a longer period of time. 

A Yamaha C7X Grand Piano is the first instrument to be made available and others will be added over time. 

YAMAHA C7X 227cm (7' 6") Grand Piano (WHITE)

Rich resonance, diverse tonality, and a responsive touch - the Yamaha C Series grand piano is the most recorded piano in history. As the largest model in the series, the C7X is recognised for its pure, rich tonality and exceptional range of emotional expression. This is an instrument that 'sings' with a voice of refined grace.

Built by Japanese Master Craftsmen, there are few instruments in this world that command an audiences attention, admiration and respect like a YAMAHA Grand Piano. It allows a pianist to achieve the true sound as it was created by the composer. If you were to buy one,  you'll pay as much as $90,000, even more if it's white.

With keys made of spruce wood, copper bass strings, quality hammers and action rails made of aluminium alloy, changes in humidity won’t effect the action of the instrument. Like all Yamaha pianos (with the exception of the GA1 and GB1 models) the C7X Grand has a Duplex Scaling system that allows part of the string to resonate for a richer sound even when it’s not being used. 

Width: 155cm 

Height: 103cm 

Depth: 227cm 

Weight: 414.13kg

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Grand Piano
YAMAHA C7X (White)
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