A unique before and after school programme with an emphasis on creative development and active collaboration: the Artistry Club is the bridge that spans the gap between theory and practice. Before and after their class, students will have the opportunity to work on their assigned pieces; forge ahead in the syllabus to extend their skills under supervision; or extend their theoretical knowledge and musicianship through a series of personally assigned worksheets - all in an easy-going group environment. This is the perfect learning supplement for a student who learns best in a one-on-one lesson, but who is motivated by socialisation, and experimentation. The Artistry Club is only offered in conjunction with one of our private lessons. 

Before School

During School Term

$12.50 per student/per morning


How does it work?

  • Drop off at 7:45
  • One 30 minute, private piano lesson (charged separately); followed by,
  • One 30 minute theory lesson (working from course booklet)
  • *Walked to school at 8:45am

*Only available to schools listed below


After School

During School Term

$25 per student/per afternoon

How does it work?

  • School pick up at 3pm and walked to Imperial Artistry on Baptist Street*;
  • One 30 minute, private music/acting lesson (charged separately); 
  • Theory Worksheets assigned according to level;
  • One 30 minute break;
  • 30 minute practice session for primary instrument (this is not a one on one lesson).
  • Artistry club finishes at 5:15pm

*Only available to schools listed below


Drop off and pick up offered to the following schools:

  • Bourke Street Public School (7 Minute walk)
  • Crown Street Public School (14 Minute Walk)