Our Private Lessons


At Imperial Artistry, our specialty has been piano for over 10 years. Our teachers are as comfortable teaching classical as they are jazz; or pop as they are rock - and the lessons' popularity has served as a testament to their quality.

A wonderfully versatile instrument, the piano is a staple of both the modern and classical sound, and gels easily with a variety of genres. As such, piano lessons are a firm bedrock from which to commence either a broader musical education, or develop a formidable reputation as a specialist. Either way: the piano has something to offer everyone from beginner to expert, and is an excellent choice for the "simply curious".

Guitar / Bass Guitar

The instrument of rock stars, and folk heroes: the guitar is known for its stylistic versatility, warm, light tones, and front-and-centre personalities. On the other hand - and often the backbone of many a rock band and jazz ensemble - the rich sound of the bass lends itself perfectly to the likes of funk, soul, or the blues. Both taught by our resident guitar maestro - Xavier Dunn - these courses are a great starting point for any student interested in a modern sound, and a band mentality!


Played by the likes of Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, and home-grown talent James Morrison - the trumpet is the sound of jazz. While our classes focus primarily on the instrument's integration into a band or brass ensemble, plenty of opportunity still exists for the student to practice solo playing, and learn how to stand out from the crowd like only the trumpet player can.


An instrument of precision, grace and subtlety, the flute lends itself equally well to both classical and jazz stylings. Classes focus on the instrument's integration into a band, however plenty of opportunities exist for the dedicated soloist, or those interested in forming their own brass trios, or quartets.


Vocal work is not only a valuable musical skill: it is also incredibly empowering. Finding your voice as an artist (both literally and figuratively), is an on-going process; and learning to sing, and develop the confidence to give words to emotion is an essential skill for any musician. Classes can also be taken as a small group, and are a fun introduction to the core principles of music, and musicianship.