Not Your Typical Music School

Traditional music schools have a ‘one size fits all’ approach with courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced student delivered according to a specific method of teaching (i.e. the Kodaly or the Orff method). Lessons follow the same format from one year to the next and for each intake of students.

This approach does work and it’s popular because it requires less effort. But it’s based on a flawed principle - that all students have the same musical ability and that they all learn in the same way.

The fact is, music is not like algebra and acting is not like geometry and every student is different; each has different needs, different challenges and they learn in different ways.

So, while Imperial Artistry offers the same 3 levels of courses (beginners, intermediate and advanced) and the content complies with the Australian Music Examination Board syllabus, students have the benefit of lessons that are tailored to meet their individual needs.

Although this would seem logical, it’s revolutionary thinking like this that stands Imperial Artistry apart in the industry.

Lessons designed to suit a student’s unique circumstances, their capabilities, and their way of learning has proven to make the learning experience less stressful and more enjoyable. Student are enriched and their love of music grows.  

Private Lessons


With the exception of Music Theory, Acting, Introduction to Music (for beginners) and specially arranged Master Classes, all lessons are private. Our students receive dedicated one-on-one lessons where they are they have the complete attention of a trained professional and the benefit of a course that was designed specifically for them.     


Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced

Imperial Artistry offers courses for a comprehensive range of instruments - the Piano, Flute, Guitar, Trumpet and Drums as well as Singing, Acting and Music Theory lessons. These are available for students at all level - Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

For All Ages

Six years old or 60, Imperial Artistry provides professional music and acting lessons for students of all ages.

Opened in 2016, Imperial Artistry in one of Sydney's fastest growing schools for the singers, song writers, musicians and actors of tomorrow. Find out what makes the School so unique with a free introductory lesson.



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