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If you are a parent with children at the School, or an Adult Student, we welcome any comments or feedback you may have about any aspects of the School.  By sharing you thought with us, we're able to determine how well we are doing and were we can improve. Positive or negative - we would love to hear what you have to say.

We are currently working our way through a program of initiatives to add new features and improve the functionality of our website. Among the things to be added are – Testimonials.

For privacy reasons only the authors first name will appear alongside their Testimonial. Those who submit a Testimonial can upload a photograph of themselves or Imperial Artistry will nominate a generic image with a musical theme.


If you would like to write a Testimonial to appear on our website, then please complete and submit the Form below.  

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2. Holiday Program Questionnaire

We are currently preparing a program to be offered during the next School Holidays. Your thoughts and opinion on this will be greatly appreciated. If you have time, please complete and submit the Questionnaire below.