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Musicianship Grade 1 & 2

  • IMPERIAL ARTISTRY 50 Baptist Street Redfern, NSW, 2016 Australia (map)

4 days understanding and learning key concepts of Musicianship. Suitable for all instruments. On the final day students sit the exam online wiht one of our AMEB credited teachers

Imperial artistry takes care of all administration and enrolment

Monday-Thursday 10am-2pm
Firday (online exam) 9am-1pm

**Total Cost is 225 + GST
**Price does not include the AMEB exam fee which is charged separately.
Grade 1 $69.95
Grade 2 $79.95

NOTE: Students must have access to a laptop for the 5 days.





  • Treble and bass clefs
  • Names of lines and spaces, including leger lines Ø Sharps, flats and naturals

Keys & Scales

  • Recognising and writing the following major scales: C, G, D and F
  • Recognising and writing the following harmonic minor scales: A, E and D Ø Scales and their key signatures on treble and bass staves
  • Positioning of tones and semitones on scales
  • Writing scale degree numbers under notes of a tune


  • Diatonic intervals above the tonic in this grade’s specified keys Ø On both treble and bass staves
  • Only interval number required, not quality


  • Root position tonic triads for this grade’s specified keys Ø On both treble and bass staves

Time & Rhythm

  • Notes: semibreve, dotted minim, minim, crotchet, quaver, pair of quavers Ø Rests: whole bar rest, minim rest, crotchet rest, quaver rest
  • Time signatures (with and without a one beat anacrusis): 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 and C


  • Transpose a short phrase either one octave higher or lower, or at the same pitch, possibly using a different clef

Definitions of Key Terms

  • English meanings of the following terms, their abbreviations and signs:
  • SPEED: andante, moderato, allegro, allegretto, rallentando, ritardando,

    a tempo

  • DYNAMICS: crescendo, diminuendo, forte, piano, mezzo forte,

    mezzo piano

  • OTHER: legato, staccato

  • SIGNS: tie, slur, bar line, double-bar line

Rhythmic Invention

  • Placing an upright line before accented words or syllables in a line of poetry
Later Event: July 23
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